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Monday, September 23 2013

Somewhere in the middle of all these holidays football season crept up on us. I figured it out when I got my Direct TV bill with the football package. Also, there is the Fantasy Football League and the shouts when a touchdown or play occurs during a game. If those weren’t enough hints, being banned from my living room by the male testosterone put it over the top.

While I am no longer entranced by sports, I know the habits of my sons and their friends well enough to know that game time is also food time, and a special kind of food. So as we begin the season, there are a few must haves.  Of course snack items like pretzels, popcorn and a veggie platter go a long way but these guys also want real food.  The games are long and they need their protein to make it through.

Football foods like meatballs, chicken wings and sliders are typical. They are good pickup foods that can be eaten when they can’t be torn away from the game. Our Sephardic slant on the wings is to bake them with apricot preserves mixed with an onion soup mix. Sliders are basically small bite size burgers, prepared with whatever spices you enjoy. Of course, deli sandwiches made with delicious pickles and lots of net toppings always hit the spot. Slather on a mayo mixed with pesto or olive spread and it will make the sandwiches very tasty.  These sandwiches are all about the sauces and toppings.

My guys love my Tex Mex version of guacamole because I leave the avocadoes in mini chopped pieces instead of mashing them up and add Guacamolechili powder, cumin, chopped onions and peppers, parsley and some minced garlic. They dip taco chips into the guac and it has way more flavor that a typical guacamole.  The guac can also be used if you decide to go dairy, making miniature pizza in bite size pieces. The key is to have foods that are easy to eat in front of the TV.

Share your ideas for Football Mondays and we will all benefit.

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

Videos by Joe Williams