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Monday, February 24 2014
My husband is a Meat and Potatoes man

How many times have you heard the phrase “My Husband is a Meat and Potatoes Man”?  It may sound sexist but the fact is my husband and sons are meat and potatoes guys! I can make 10 different kinds of salads and they are impatient for the main meal.

roast and potatoesNo matter how much I try and balance the meal with veggies, it is always the meat and potatoes that go first. So when I think of my meals for the week, I plan out that I won’t serve beef more than twice. In a week I usually serve chicken twice, pasta once and fish once or twice. Still it is the meat and potatoes that are the big sellers. They seem to polish it off as if they are seeing it for the first time.

I don’t know if is the male persona, or their physical need for meat, but it is a fact I have learned to live with. Frankly, I can live without beef, or eating very little of it. It is not heart healthy, even using the leanest cuts. I also worry about too much beef causing heart problems or excess weight.

So what do I make? Roast beef, pot roast, meat loaf, beef stew, chili and steak are all favorites. When I make these meals I prepare a potato dish – mashed potatoes, smash potatoes, potato salad, or baked potatoes. I try to be clever about sneaking in veggies. I can throw chopped spinach into my potatoes, or make a potato hash.

I almost never make fries, but I find when I am traveling on business, I will come home to find that they have made deep fried French Fries themselves. I tried making sweet potato fries, baked in the oven, but even these are not as popular as regular deep fried fries.

I have spoken to some men about this and it seems that it is just so. Left to their own devices, winter or summer they will always go to a beef meal. In the summer, they will throw burgers or steak on the grill by default. Or hot dogs, or burgers!

I am interested to learn about new ideas to counter the ‘meat and potatoes’ persona! In the meantime, don’t forget to download the Sarina’s Sephardic Cuisine app!  Only $4.99 unlocks all the recipes!

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