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Cooking Equipment


They say a carpenter can do any job with the right tools. The same is true of cooking. A well-equipped kitchen is essential for a good cook and well-prepared food. A properly equipped kitchen should include the following list of basic items. Many of these items will be acquired over time, as needed.


Pots and Pans


Usually pots are purchased in sets, but the sets often come with sizes that won’t be used. Begin with a set, for value, and purchase a high quality set of pots that have good bottoms so food won’t burn.

Recommended sizes are:

·         1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 quart pots with lids - heavy bottoms are preferred

·         8, 10 and 15 inch skillets with cover

·         A large roaster with lid for poultry and roasts

·         Assorted size Pyrex and Corningware cookware for the oven

·        Disposable Aluminum tins



·         Long handled utensils should include a spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, slotted spatula, ladle and fork.

·         Large serving spoons and forks for serving


·         8 x 8 inch square pan

·         9 x 13 inch oblong pan

·         Cheesecake pan

·         Tube pan

·         Baking sheets

Kitchen Tools

·         Food processer/Mini food processer

·         Blender

·         Set of nesting bowls

Kitchen Gadgets

Nested measuring cups for dry ingredients

Glass measuring cups for liquid ingredients

Measuring spoons

Vegetable peeler


Pastry brush

Good set of sharp knives - paring knives and chef's knives are a must, along with a sharpener.

Garlic press

Wooden spoons

Cutting Boards

Avocado slicer

Egg slicer

Box grater

Lemon squeezer

Strainer - useful for straining out seeds or liquids

Colander - necessary for pastas and vegetables


·        A good mixer is essential for baking and we prefer the Kitchen Aid due to its assortment of attachments, all of which are used.

·       Attachments - at a minimum the food grinder. The kibbe attachment and the sausage maker are necessary for making kibbe and sausage.