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Friday, June 28 2013

There are certain foods I only serve or prepare at certain times of the year. Yes there are holiday foods, but there are other recipes that are seasonal. They have become traditional because these items are reserved for those special times.

For example, it is traditional in our home to always have a Carvel ice cream cake on birthdays. This is a tradition that I had growing up. My mother Renee always made sure we had an ice cream cake. And it had to be Carvel because of the chocolate crunchies inside. I have added to this tradition by making sugar cookies with my grandchildren. I prepare the dough and roll it out and they get to cut out the cookies. Usually I put out cookie cutters for their age and the letter of their name. We also make sugar cookies in the shape of dreydels at Hanukah or hearts on Valentine’s Day.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are usually barbecues and the first kabobs of the season. In the summer, we always break out the ice pop molds and make orange juice pops. Fourth of July BBQ or Memorial Day BBQs usually mean a flag cake with white frosting, blueberries for the stars and strawberries for the stripes. Summer usually means dessert with blueberries – either a cake or pie. Fall is a trip to the apple orchard and lots of apple pies, apple cobblers and apple turnovers. Thanksgiving usually yields a cranberry jello mold. In December, I usually go on a cookie craze, making many types of cookies and packaging them up as holiday gifts for doctors, teachers, and service providers.  New Year’s Day is always an open house brunch for friends and family.

Think about the traditions in your family. What are the foods you prepare year in and year out but only at special times? Please reply below!  We’d love to know what they are and what specialties you can share with our followers.

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

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