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Monday, July 08 2013

As Jewish cooks, how many times have we heard those words? Every time I watch a cooking show on TV or a cooking segment on the Today Show, and I hear the comment about bacon, I scream in my head - ME! I mean come on! It also makes me think about all the substitutions needed to make a recipe kosher.  I look at every recipe and think, can I make that and have it be kosher? Substitute chicken for pork, non-dairy creamer for milk, margarine (bring on the transfat!)for butter, parve whipped topping for whipped cream - these are substitutions kosher cooks are used to. Somehow though, I don’t think there is a substitution for bacon. Ironically bacon bits are kosher but still, I can’t even bring myself to try them. I guess it is just too deeply rooted in my kosher upbringing to even try it. There also seem to be substitutions for shellfish. None of these will be found in Sarina’s Sephardic Cuisine. They are just not my style and so non traditional. My recipes are very traditional, yet I have incorporated modern techniques with an understanding that food needs to be heart healthy and full of good things for our bodies. So when I hear the phrase “Who doesn’t like bacon?” I proudly answer – “ME.”

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