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Wednesday, July 10 2013

Some of my fondest memories are of fishing off the pier of the dock near my parent’s store in Watch Hill, RI as a child. I had my own fishing pole and for bait, we’d go to the fishmonger and get broken clams to use as bait. (I know – what is a nice Jewish girl doing fishing?) Several times during the summer, I would be fishing off the pier. I never caught anything we could eat but it was fun trying. Sometimes, I went out on the fishing boats. I remember Captain Print, a fisherman with a weather worn face and a nice smile. He taught me how to gather clams from the bottom of the bay, and then there were the times we went deep sea fishing as well. I fished often with my old friend Etta and there are many pictures of us together. Her parents vacationed in Watch Hill so we were summer friends.

All of this talk of fish started as a way to introduce and discuss ways to make and grill fish in the summer.  I find that placing fish directly on the grill is not a good idea. Using a cedar grill plank, increases the cooking time and is an excellent way to have delicious fish, especially if you are grilling a large piece of fish, such as a salmon. If you are grilling a white fish, like flounder or cod or tilapia, try placing each piece of fish in its own piece of aluminum foil. If I was making this in the oven, I’d use parchment paper. Season the fish, squirt on some lemon and throw in some veggies – onions and peppers, slices of summer squash – close tightly and place on grill for 10-12 minutes. If the fish is flaky, you can remove and serve. It may need some more time, but you get the idea. Separately, spray 12 inch pieces of foil with cooking spray and place chunks of red potato on top (1 potato per person).  Season with salt and pepper and anything else you like. Seal and grill for 15 minutes.  Serve hot. Serve each person a piece of fish and their potato in the foil on their plate.

This is a very rustic way to serve fish, but it keeps the fish moist and tender. I have been in many restaurants where fish is served this way or in parchment paper.

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

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