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Thursday, August 22 2013

I confess. I am a gadget nut. Some people spend their money on makeup, or clothes or jewelry. I spend my money on kitchen gadgets. I have visited kitchen stores in at least 20 countries and 25 states. I will NOT pass one up because I never know what I am going to find. It is crazy.

So here is a pix of one of my 3 gadget drawers. This does not include the equipment in the closets, and occasional use items in my basement. For example, in the basement I have a sieve that I  use every three years to make temerhindi (tamarind paste) and canning equipment I use with about the same frequency to make my 2nd prize winning zucchini relish. That’s right second prize – three years straight at the Montgomery county Fair I couldn’t beat my competition! And then there are the cookie cutters, some for holidays, alphabets, fun shapes, numbers, you name it. All used when I get the urge to make rolled cookies.

So the gadgets, several sets of measuring cups and spoons, roilers, jar openers, vegetable peelers, bowl scrapers, garlic presses, choppers, knife sharpeners, corn holders, pastry brushes, various lemon and lime squeezers, egg slicers, you name it, I have it.

Then there are the barely used gadgets. Like the pasta makers or the cookie spritzer that I have because the dough always gets stuck.  Or the tortilla press that gets use often to make pastries and other goodies.

Despite the size and scope I am picky about my gadgets. They have to be easy to use and fun and not cheaply made. I have had too many catastrophes with cheapo wine openers and other items. Bye bye!

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

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