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Tuesday, September 03 2013

It is traditional to try a new fruit on the High Holiday. I always wonder, how can there be a new fruit? Yet each year new variations seem to arise. I will not venture into the world of farming to figure this out but it does happen.

Years ago, we all jumped on the clementine orange - delighting in the fact that it was easy to peel and seedless,Ackee making is a safe and enjoyable fruit to send in our kids lunch boxes. My kids ate several at a time and I was happy knowing they got the needed vitamin C.

This year, we have a few new fruits to try.

  1. Ackee - From West Africa, ackee is an evergreen and a relative of lychee. The fruit is soft and white and best bought canned.
  2. Magostein - is grown in thailand and has a fragrance. They are easier to find canned. If you do find them fresh, they will be expensive.
  3. Kiwano/ Horned Melon - is grown in California and Chile, among other places. Full of Vitamin C and fiber, this fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, or juiced. The spiked shell is orange colored and the fruit inside is green and jellylike.

So which new fruit will you try?

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

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