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Friday, December 06 2013
My House has Become a Storage Facility

Honestly, I feel like everyone dumps their stuff in my house and it is a storage facility. Or is it just that when you have a big house, you fill it with more junk? The older we get the more stuff we collect!

My basement is filled with boxes from clients, their office is my office so why not send me 20 years of archival material?  My kids cannot possibly part with anything. The slicker they will only use in the hurricane that hits NY once in 7 years,  the ceramic item they made in kindergarten, or their boy scouts shirt with all their badges.  I have tax files from every year, chairs for when we have a party, and the wooden baseball field my husband is convinced someone will want someday.

Then there are the outerwear. There are five adults and three kids in my house, each with a myriad of jackets and coats for every type of weather imaginable. We have leather, fleece, lightweight, and rain jackets. We have long dress coats, rain coats and wind breakers. Oh, don’t forget the anoraks! We also have collected three baskets of hats, gloves and scarves. There are scarves made of wool, Egyptian cotton, some with hoods. We have hats of all shapes and sizes and seem to collect more each year. Then there are lightweight gloves, loners, lined gloves, gloves where the fingers can be uncovered, and gloves with no fingers. And then there are the heavy weight winter items, the box I pull out when we expect a  good bit of snow or plan a ski trip. This box has the snow pants and water proof gloves and mittens.   Not to mention the closet with dress gowns, and the boxes of off season clothes that need to be stored.

The next category is stuff we use only seasonally or occasionally. Seasonal items are the barbeque items, plastic serving pieces, he grill set, and the Fourth of July decorations.  The bags of balls or all kinds, the sleds for the winter and floats for the summer.

I haven’t talked about the pile of luggage we must have for when we travel, the box with old sheets we need to cover furniture for when the house gets painted, or the box with costumes we need for Purim. I have 7 boxes filled with photos and albums. These were from before the digital age.

I look around my basement and realize my house has literally become a storage facility. Do I need all this stuff?  Every nook and cranny is filled, and no matter how hard I try to get rid of stuff, more seems to come in than go out.  And that’s just the basement! Sound familiar?

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