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Sunday, December 15 2013
A Glass As a Cookie Cutter?

Did you ever wonder what our ancestors did before all these gadgets were invented? My mom and aunts used to use the top of a drinking glass as a cookie cutter.  The round shape provided a perfectly good round edge for all kinds of things, especially lahamagene, those delightful meat patties on round dough flavored with tamarind.

I thought about the glass recently when I was showing my cookie cutters to a friend. We were choosing my favorite kitchen items for my Amazon Store.  I commented on the need for different size round cookie cutters for different pastries I make. Her comment? “You mean you don’t use a glass?”

Hail back 40 years to my childhood.  The glass was not only used to make round dough for sambusak and calsonas (Sephardic style ravioli), it was also used as a rolling pin to roll out the dough.  Really? If I didn’t see it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.

I guess the idea is more is not better. We can have our magnificent new kitchen gadgets, made of the latest materials, but sometimes, simple is just as effective. Keep it simple silly! A glass as a cookie cutter? Remember when…….

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