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Friday, February 21 2014

I predicted we would have a snowy winter, never thinking we would have s o much snow we would make it in the top 10 snowiest winter, at least in NY. We have had so much snow in the East, it is challenging to keep up our spirits. It seems like we have had one snow storm after the other and there is no let up. Still NYC hasn’t had a real blizzard, the kind of snow that leaves 18 inches on the ground, although New England and upstate NY has.

Cold winters bring on certain types of comfort food. Stews, soups, and lots of hot chocolate are always on the menu, along with lots of cookies. For dinners, I like some winter favorites – beef stew, chili, Shepherd’s pie.

I use the time for indoor activities – filling the freezer with kibbeh, berekas, and sambusak, baking bread, and making cookies with my granddaughters.  We make all kinds of cookies, roll cookies (we have some favorites on sarinassephardiccuisine.com), sugar cookies (we make these on birthdays in the shape of their age), spice cookies, chocolate chip cookies and so on. I may also use the time to make some pastries – adjwah (date filled pastry), greybej or mahmoul!

When the snow begins to fall, I start a pot of soup. Something about the hard work of shoveling snow or playing in the snow that fills my family with the desire to have the hot soup flow through their bodies. I make all kinds of soup – chicken shulbah (tomato rice) with a Latin twist adding lemon and mint, minestrone from fresh vegetables, meatball soup, different varieties of lentil soup, chicken soup, cream of broccoli and so on. When making chicken soup, I make extra large amounts as it goes fast and I always want to get a quart or two of chicken stock out of it.  If I start the soup in the morning then it is ready well before lunch and each goes to pour their own bowl as they come in from the snow. Leftovers, not in my house! But if you have them, then freeze for another day. Most soups freeze well.

All of the soups mentioned and lots more are in the cooking app – just search for Sarina’s Sephardic Cuisine in the Apple store. The download is free and it is $4.99 to unlock all 190 plus recipes.

I also encourage you to go to sarinassephardiccuisine.com and look through some of our online recipes. My Amazon store has lots of cool items for your kitchen and your soup making endeavors.

Snow? No problem. There is lots to do.

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

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