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Saturday, April 05 2014
Passover Rules Are Different For Sephardim - Part 2

Let me start out by saying that I am not a Halakhic authority and that we must each follow our own rabbis when making decisions and observing the Kashrut of Pesach. In my last blog, I followed certain rabbis but these authorities may or may not be acceptable to everyone. This is totally not my realm. Again, please follow your rabbi on all Halakhic issues regarding Passover. 

In the few hours since the blog was released this morning, I heard from many people with many different beliefs and traditions. When shopping, I follow the guidelines of my own rabbi, as each of us must do. Passover kashrut guidelines for Sephardic Jews are different, but there are also different traditions as well.  We must each follow our rabbi as they carefully examine products and ingredients each year to advise us on how to proceed.

As I prepare my home in this last week before Passover, I find that the house goes through stages of preparation. We have finished spring cleaning. Even my kitchen has been totally cleaned, every cabinet, nook and cranny. Although the kitchen itself is still from during the year, having done a thorough once over will lighten the load when we do change the kitchen over.

I have now pulled out all my Passover items from the basement and we will begin washing them, keeping them separate of course, and use them to do some advance preparation cooking. I am lucky enough to have two ovens and two dishwashers and two sinks to manage these tasks.

When having guests during Passover, I ask you to be respectful of their particular kashrut guidelines. For example, if I have Ashkenazic guests, I am careful not to tempt them with a rice dish they are not permitted to eat.

For advice on koshering your kitchen, there are many online resources, but final questions must be addressed to your rabbi.

We have posted many recipes in the Sarina’s Sephardic Cuisine app for Passover and will post some on the website this weekend. Enjoy!

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Photos above by Mark Greenberg

Videos by Joe Williams