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Sunday, April 20 2014

Every year right before Passover, I try to eat everything I know I can’t eat during the 8 days of Passover. Pizza and pasta of course, but cakes too.  It really isn’t a long time to go without the foods I love but it seems like an eternity. So in the effort to get more into the excitement of taking the breaks from my daily indulgences (or not- I mean I don’t eat pizza every day!).

I think about how to incorporate the flavors or textures I love about every day food into the foods I prepare during Passover.

Here are my suggestions:

Want crunchy fish or chicken? Dip in matzo meal, egg and use finely chopped or ground potato chips or corn tortilla chips instead of bread crumbs. Fry or bake the same way you would with bread crumbs.

Want creamy soups? Use potato or corn starch instead of flour and still have the same consistency as any creamed soup. Risotto is another amazing dish. Pair it with some beans and fish for a very filling dairy (or meat, just don’t use butter) meal.

Try roasting veggies for an easy side dish. Make cauliflower salad using the broth from the cauliflower with some vinegar, olive oil salt and pepper.

Can’t use beer in your favorite chicken or beef recipe? Substitute hard apple cider instead for an added apple flavor.

Dessert can be very boring without flour for baking. But I made a lemon custard pie using ground canned macaroons instead of graham cracker crust. I baked the “crust” to make it crunchy, than poured the lemon custard in and froze it for a refreshing dessert.

Hopefully, you can enjoy these suggestions as you prepare for the last days of Passover, or have some foods in your home you are ready to finish, and finish the holiday strong and ready for next year!

If you have any suggestions for ways to substitute and still enjoy your favorite dishes, feel free to comment below!

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